GLOX Trading System

Trading made Simple

With our powerful execution management system GLOX you can operate electronic securities trading  in a range of asset classes, currencies and at many destinations worldwide via an individually configurable front-end. With only one connection to GLOX, all counterparties can be connected simply and easily. GLOX is flexible, adaptable and can easily be extended with other brokers, exchanges or MTFs.

Choose your GLOX Services

Numerous banks and securities traders have relied on GLOX for years and have positively influenced the further development of the system. We regularly add new functionalities to meet the changing demands of securities trading.

Trade GLOX directly on various exchanges. GLOX fulfills the requirements of the stock exchange, implements releases with new features, enables compliance with legal obligations to act as a directly connected exchange participant. GLOX can be operated independently or your bank-internal system landscape (banking system) can be integrated. This allows a high degree of straight-through processing (STP).

  • SIX Swiss Exchange
  • BX Swiss

With our product XLFIX Quoting you can also market make on all stock exchanges. More information can be found here:XLFIX Quoting.

Of course, GLOX can also be used without a direct exchange participation where you trade via a broker in these markets, see 'GLOX Broker Connect.

With only one technical interface, GLOX Broker Connect provides access to well-known brokers with worldwide stock exchange connections. GLOX supports the brokers' offering and thus all asset classes, as well as special order types and algos for securities trading. Order Routing and an Order Monitor direct the orders to the right broker.

The following brokers are currently available:

  • Basler Kantonalbank
  • Bloomberg Tradebook
  • Clearstream
  • Credit Suisse
  • Pictet & Cie
  • UBS
  • Vontobel
  • Zürcher Kantonalbank

We are happy to expand the list of brokers based on your requirements.

With GLOX Fund Trade funds can be traded efficiently electronically. GLOX supports the "pooling" and "splitting" of orders. Before the cut-off time of the product, the order can be sent automatically to the broker or released manually.

The following fund brokers are currently available

  • Clearstream
  • UBS

We are happy to expand the list of brokers based on your requirements.

GLOX Bloomberg Send enables direct forwarding of orders in Fixed Income or Equities securities to Bloomberg. The order can be released and traded on the Bloomberg trading platform to any broker from your Bloomberg universe. The trade confirmations transmitted back to your core banking system via our STP network. Modifications and deletions are possible from the banking system, GLOX or directly in Bloomberg. GLOX ensures that these are reproduced accordingly in all systems. The Bloomberg-certified GLOX Bloomberg Send interface prevents multiple entries and reduces error sources caused by manual input.

With GLOX Bloomberg Receive, you act as a broker and receive orders from other banks through Bloomberg. The orders received are forwarded and traded fully automatically via STP to the stock exchange or other brokers. The deal will be sent back to your banking system and your customer via Bloomberg. This allows your customers to send, modify or delete electronic orders.

The algorithmic capabilities of Bloomberg Tradebook allow you to take advantage of extensive algo trading within the GLOX network. It works like this: you define your algo parameters in GLOX and we send this information to Tradebook. Here, the partial placements that are executed on the SIX Swiss Exchange are calculated and GLOX is notified to send the order to the stock exchange. All trading on the stock exchange is done with your stock market membership, ensuring that you have full control, visibility and documentation of all orders going public.

If you are interested in archiving your trading activities, GLOX Data Warehouse is the right choice. All relevant data (orders, trades, modifications) are stored for 10 years. By integrating a search function, you can find desired information quickly and easily. This service is useful for auditing and analysing business development.

  • Our requirements are practically fulfilled to 100 percent, and all the problems we had were resolved within a short time by MACD employees. The price-performance ratio is very good, especially since we had some changes and special requests - they really are fair prices.

    André Gauthier, Managing Director, E. Gutzwiller & Cie, Banquiers

  • Thanks to GLOX, we not only reduced a large part of our costs but also gained a margin of independence. Automation has simplified processes and largely eliminated sources of error. The software is flexible and customizable, which suits us very much.

    Remo Kunz, Head of Trading/Sales, BEKB | BCBE

  • I am pleased to continue to optimise the trading system together with the MACD employees and to develop further "Nice to Have" features.

    Myriam Oesch, Member of the Management, Aargauische Kantonalbank AG

  • With MACD, we have a point of contact for all trading system topics, whether for technical or regulatory issues, hosting or support. Through close cooperation, MACD knows our needs; that simplifies a lot!

    Remo Kunz, Head of Trading/Sales, BEKB | BCBE