Automated Testing for Greater Efficiency and Certainty

Business Oriented Testing

The Business Oriented Testing (BOT) function uses an automated process to ensure that the software performs the required functions correctly and effectively in accordance with your business requirements. 

The starting point for the tests is the interface between the customer host system and MAX as well as between MAX and the connected brokers/exchanges. BOT therefore tests the specifications agreed between the customer and MACD. Changes to these interfaces can be identified in a timely manner and potential side-effects minimised.

The execution of the individual phases of the trading process is tested, including order placement, execution, settlement and reporting, as well as adherence to compliance and security requirements. The system feedback on errors and exceptional situations is also tested.

Realistic test scenarios are simulated for this purpose, which are executed automatically, for example when new versions or functions are delivered and before and after every change to the system. As part of regression tests, the test cases are repeated to ensure that modifications in areas of the software that have already been tested do not cause new errors.

The advantages of BOT

Automated testing is faster and more efficient than manual testing, which greatly reduces the burden on the bank's own resources. In addition, risks are minimised and misunderstandings avoided, as both the expected and actual system behaviour are precisely documented and BOT feature files are readable by technical staff. In addition, the same regression tests can be carried out according to the same standards for every change.

The dynamic BOT system is part of the automated integration pipeline for MAX and implements additional benefits:

  • Compatible with FIX and SWIFT messages
  • Testing of any customised configuration of MAX 
  • Overview of the entire test execution (test reports)
  • Documentation of details of failed tests (test reports)
  • Queries of intermediate states through integrated database access
  • Faster detection of differences

Overall, Business Oriented Testing helps to ensure that MAX not only works technically flawlessly, but also fulfils business requirements and supports the smooth running of trading activities.

Choose more MAX Functionalities

MAX has a modular structure. We will put together a product tailored to your needs. 

Of course, every MAX service includes our basic services, such as technical account management, support and personal assistance.

  • In Business Oriented Testing, automated tests are used to develop high-quality software. Automated tests can be performed each time before and after a change is applied and a version is delivered.

    Reiner Nix, System & Business Analyst, MACD