MACD Philosophy

Our values and working principles


Freedom and Responsibility.

  • Flat hierarchies, short communication routes, and a flexible working model give us the freedom to work together in an agile and creative way.
  • We are curious, motivated, and like to learn - new ideas inspire us.
  • We are focused and responsible.
  • Each of us is different and has their own capabilities - this makes us strong as a team.
  • We discuss problems openly and tackle them actively.
  • We trust one another, have each other's back, and stick together.



The best solutions are achieved together.

  • Our customers and partners can count on us. We see them as a part of our team.
  • We understand our customers' requirements and accompany them on their journey.
  • We maintain a fair and trustworthy relationship and communicate openly, clearly, and reliably.
  • We don't just want to sell a product, but to develop it further by working with our customers and partners.
  • The satisfaction of our customers and the stability of our products are our most important goals.
  • We promote the exchange of ideas within the MACD community.



We look in all directions.

  • As an independent company, we are free to make our own decisions, remain true to our core values, and focus on the long term.
  • We aspire to continuity and reliability in all areas.
  • We act responsibly, economically, ecologically, and socially.
  • We do not tolerate exclusion of any kind.
  • We are committed to sustainable environmental projects and support social institutions.




We are already living much of what is written in our corporate philosophy. We have always developed the products together with our customers to create a long-term foundation. That we see our clients as part of our team is not a phrase but a reality. I think that's what really sets us apart from other companies. I am very grateful that the MACD team stands behind this philosophy and puts it into practice every day.

George Macdonald, CEO MACD