MAX FX Trading

The Powerful Tool for Forex Traders

MAX FX Trading is a feature within our order management system MAX. It is a performance-oriented module which efficiently provides you access to all types of foreign exchange trades and currencies. Your advantages: a high degree of automation, efficient routing of trades, as well as straight through processing for FX trading.

We are continuously developing the tool and integrating new functions. Currently, trades from foreign exchange trading can be automatically returned to the core banking system via MAX. As the first broker, Bloomberg was connected via the MAX FX trading module. Currently the solution is implemented with Bloomberg FX GO, but of course it works for other destinations (brokers, broker networks) as well.

Outlook: Further functionalities

In the future, you will be able to actively monitor and place all FX trades via the MAX FX GUI. It will also be possible to trigger price requests in advance using the Request for Quote (RfQ) to one or more brokers. This feature will also be available for fully automated placement (STP), meaning that the Best Execution Engine will automatically route an incoming order to all brokers for price inquiry and accept the RfQ with the most favorable price.

The MAX FX Trading module will use the standard FIX protocols for the placement of FX orders, spot trades, forwards, swaps and options.

White label solution for professional bank clients

We are currently working on additionally enabling forex trading via the MAX FX Trading Tool for professional bank clients. These include: 

  • institutional clients
  • external asset managers
  • SMEs
  • professional private clients

Embedded in the secure environment of the e-banking portal, you can then trade FX orders around the clock, even in the absence of the FX traders. FX orders can be entered via a separately developed and operated MAX GUI.

The pre-trade checks, validation or margin netting as well as the corresponding release with the margin deposited for the customer to MAX are each carried out in the banking system.

Choose more MAX Functionalities

Of course, every MAX service includes our basic services, such as technical account management, support and personal assistance.

MAX has a modular structure. You can select your desired functionalities from the various services. Our experts will put together a product that is individually tailored to your needs.

Contact us if you have any questions or need more information. We will be happy to keep you informed about development updates.

  • We put all our securities know-how into the development of our new MAX FX trading module. Together with FX traders from our community, we are working hard to provide a comprehensive and fully integrated FX trading tool, including a white label solution for end customers.

    Lucas Fowler, Head of MACD Software Engineering