MAX Broker Connect

Broker Connections

MAX Broker Connect is a functionality of our order management system MAX.

MACD connects you to a large number of brokers who have international stock exchange connections - with only one technical interface.

This Service supports all asset classes in the securities sector. Order Routing, supported by the integrated Rule Engine, routes the orders to the right broker. Depending on the broker, special order types and algorithms are supported.

Using the Rule Engine GUI, you can set up and immediately activate trading rules for orders, placements, modifications, deletions and executions (straight through processing). Changes can be made quickly and flexibly. We would be happy to expand the list of current MACD brokers based to your requirements.

B R O K E R N E T W O R K S F U N D S - T R A D I N G C R Y P T O - T R A D I N G E T D - T R A D I N G
Basler KB Bloomberg Allfunds InCore Bank Berner KB
Berner KB NYFIX Clearstream Sygnum Bank Credit Suisse
Berenberg   ifsam   UBS
Credit Suisse   Credit Suisse    
Pictet   SIX    
UBS   UBS    
Vontobel   Zürcher KB    
Zürcher KB        

Tailored Connectivity

A connection to your bank and order management system is possible. We support various interfaces. Here you get more information:

MACD Partner

MACD Broker Program

Advantages: The broker pays a significant part of the annual fees, which means lower costs for the client. Smaller changes to broker interface are implemented by MACD without costs (e.g. algo parameters, FIX tag changes etc.).

The following brokers participate:

Choose more Functionalities

Of course, every MAX service includes our basic services, such as technical account management, support and personal assistance.

MAX has a modular structure. You can select your desired functionalities from the various services. Our experts will put together a product that is individually tailored to your needs.

  • Vontobel and MACD stand for shared values such as outstanding service quality and innovative products. Many client centric solutions have been developed as a result of the long-standing partnership. We particularly appreciate the uncomplicated cooperation and the network that comes with the MACD Community.

    Matthias Schiesser, Head of Electronic Trading Solutions, Executive Director, Bank Vontobel AG

  • InCore Bank bridges the financial worlds and offers B2B services in the area of both traditional and digital assets. Based on this forward-looking concept, we can offer tailor-made and secure solutions together with our long-standing partner MACD.

    Pirro Morandi, Head Client Relationship & Sales InCore Bank

  • We are delighted to collaborate with MACD and welcome Luzerner Kantonalbank as the first customer to use this direct connection to our Global Fund Services. The open architecture and multi-provider strategy allows the Swiss Stock Exchange to provide customers with a sustainable, and attractive end-to-end offering on a resilient foundation.

    Michael Lüthi, Head Relationship Management Post-Trading, SIX