Automated Trading of Exchange Traded Derivatives

Fully automated connection

In cooperation with brokers in the MACD network, MACD offers routing of Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETDs). This solution enables all MACD customers to trade automatically via the existing interface to their core banking system. Currently, Berner Kantonalbank, Credit Suisse and UBS are connected. Of course, the solution can also be offered with another broker of your choice.

Orders are routed via Straight Through Processing (STP) from the core banking system to the ETD broker via MAX Routing Hub or can be entered directly in the MAX Order Management System. Execution is fully automated back to the core banking system.

The advantages:

  • Connection to existing infrastructure
  • Reduction of workload due to a high degree of automation (STP)
  • Available with or without GUI
  • Configurable, rule-based release (error prevention)
  • All orders in one system (no re-keying)

MACD Broker Program

Our two ETD brokers Berner Kantonalbank and Credit Suisse participate in the MACD Broker Program.

This offers you as a customer advantages: The broker takes over a not insignificant part of the annual fees, which means lower costs for you. Smaller changes on the part of the broker are implemented by MACD without cost consequences (e.g. algo parameters, FIX tag changes).

Choose more MAX Functionalities

MAX has a modular structure. We will put together a product tailored to your needs. 

Of course, every MAX service includes our basic services, such as technical account management, support and personal assistance.

  • We have been working closely with MACD since 2006. We have jointly implemented both the development of the electronic trading platforms for OTC|X and SME|X as well as connections to various stock exchanges and broker destinations, including the trading of exchange-traded derivatives (ETDs) on EUREX in 2013. Since 2022, our long-standing and experienced employees in the Derivatives / Foreign Equities trading team have also been offering the ETD business to all MACD clients so that they benefit from automated trading with a connection to the existing infrastructure.

    Remo Kunz, Head of Trading, Berner Kantonalbank AG