MAX Multi Broker Network

Sending and Receiving Orders

MAX Multi Broker Network is a functionality of our order management system MAX.

One Connection - Several Brokers

MAX is connected to multi broker networks, e.g. Bloomberg (EMSX/TSOX). The advantage of such platforms is that you can reach multiple brokers with only one connection.

You can also act as a broker in these networks and receive orders from customers or other banks.

Forward Orders directly

The order is sent to the network where it can be routed to the broker of your choice.  The executions are sent back to your core banking system via our STP network.

Order entry, modifications and deletions are possible in the banking system, in MAX or directly on the corresponding trading platform.

MAX Multi Broker Networks

  • Bloomberg
  • Fidessa
  • Refinitiv

You act as a Broker

MAX users can also act as brokers in the networks, receiving orders from their customers (e.g. institutional investors, pension funds or other banks).

The orders received are forwarded to the MAX Order Management System where they can be realeased either automatically (based on rules) via STP to the stock exchange or other brokers or released manually by the trader.

Executions are sent back to your banking system and to your customer via their inputting system (e.g. Bloomberg).

This allows your customers to send, modify or delete electronic orders. Your customer keeps control of the status of their orders and has the possibility to act on a real-time basis.

Choose more Functionalities

Of course, every MAX service includes our basic services, such as technical account management, support and personal assistance.

MAX has a modular structure. You can select your desired functionalities from the various services. Our experts will put together a product that is individually tailored to your needs.