MAX Customer Connect

Institutional Investors

MAX Customer Connect is a functionality of our order management system MAX.

This service enables digitalised order transmission for external asset managers (EAM) and other institutional investors.

Process of Digitalised Order Transmission

The EAM sends its customers' orders electronically directly from the portfolio management system via MACD to the bank in order to carry out the corresponding pre-trade/suitability checks.

As soon as these have been completed, the orders are forwarded to the trading department, where they are automatically traded globally, or traded by the correspondent bank's trader, subject to the relevant trading checks.

The status of the orders (placed, partially executed, deleted, rejected, ...) is visible to the executing bank / EAM and the MACD system ensures that the EAM is always informed about the status of their orders.

The trades are communicated to both parties so that settlement is initiated and the portfolio management system can make the relevant bookings.


The new automated process has considerable advantages for all stakeholders in the chain, but especially for the end customers of EAM:

Avoidance of errors due to multiple manual entries or misunderstandings (telephone, e-mail, fax)

Communication takes place via electronic connections, which are secured and constantly monitored.

Depending on the agreement between the EAM and the executing bank, orders for international markets can be placed outside the trading hours of the bank.

The EAM can ensure that all of its clients' orders arrive promptly at the executing bank(s) and then in the market, in order to ensure equal treatment for their clients.

The time between placing an order and its placement can be significantly reduced. This enables the immediate execution of the customer's order so that market prices are not missed. Today, the end customer often has real-time prices and follows the market very closely.

EAM customers can have different custodian banks/correspondent banks. The EAM requires a single connection. MACD then transmits the orders to the correct correspondent bank, depending on the EAM's execution provisions.

Choose more MAX functionalities

Of course, every MAX service includes our basic services, such as technical account management, support and personal assistance.

MAX has a modular structure. You can select your desired functionalities from the various services. Our experts will put together a product that is individually tailored to your needs.

  • Our connection via MAX Customer Connect was realised within the planned time and budget. This was possible because MACD was always in good communication with our business and IT contacts.

    Oliver Steeg, Managing Partner Sparbatze AG

  • Thanks to MACD's interface, we can easily handle large volumes and ensure equal treatment of clients. In addition, we can prevent errors in the process of order runs.

    Oliver Steeg, Managing Partner Sparbatze AG