MAX Digital Assets Trading

Automated Trading of Digital Assets

Completely Automatic Connection

In cooperation with InCore Bank AG and Sygnum Bank AG, MACD offers trading in cryptocurrencies and a variety of other digital assets. The joint solution enables all MACD customers to trade and hold assets automatically via existing interfaces to their core banking systems. 

Orders are routed via Straight Through Processing (STP) technology from the core banking system to InCore Bank or Sygnum Bank via the MAX Routing Hub or can be entered directly into the MAX Order Management System. Execution and confirmation is fully automated back to the core banking system.

The advantages: 

  • Connection to existing infrastructure
  • Reduction of the workload due to a high degree of automation
  • No need to implement an additional system
  • Secure custody through integration into the InCore Bank infrastructure
  • Savings in additional operating and maintenance costs

Choose more MAX Functionalities

Of course, every MAX service includes our basic services, such as technical account management, support and personal assistance.

MAX has a modular structure. You can select your desired functionalities from the various services. Our experts will put together a product that is individually tailored to your needs.

Contact us if you have any questions or need more information. We will be happy to keep you informed about development updates.

  • We notice that digital assets are being addressed by a growing number of banks. But technical and operational challenges are a deterrent. This is where InCore Bank comes in with its offer. The customers use the existing set-up without any integration effort and immediately start trading and custody, which runs through InCore Bank.

    Mark Dambacher, CEO InCore Bank

  • We have been working with the team at InCore Bank on various projects for 10 years. With this long-standing partner that we trust, we expanded our offering across digital assets in 2022. Our clients can benefit from our services across the whole spectrum of products that they intend to trade.

    George Macdonald, CEO MACD

  • InCore Bank bridges the financial worlds and offers B2B services in the area of both traditional and digital assets. Based on this forward-looking concept, we can offer tailor-made and secure solutions together with our long-standing partner MACD.

    Pirro Morandi, Head Client Relationship & Sales InCore Bank