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February 2022

13 Banks live with Order Management System MAX

In the past months, various private and regional banks have successfully gone live with the MACD Order Management System MAX. For some customers, an additional broker was connected at the same time.

In 2021, the first GLOX customer with a direct connection to the SIX Swiss Exchange fully migrated to MAX - two other banks are currently in the migration phase. For one customer, the FX trading functionality was additionally implemented and activated.

Some XKYTE customers used the migration to MAX to have the software hosted in the MACD data centre. The advantage is that these banks now have access to all markets available in the MACD network with a very low IT footprint. The reliability and high availability of MAX is ensured by MACD's high-quality dual-site data centre in Switzerland.

Information on the MAX functionalities can be found here:

New Broker in the MACD Broker Program: Berner Kantonalbank AG (BEKB)

Berner Kantonalbank AG (BEKB) is now available to all MACD banks as a broker. The offering not only includes trading in shares and other exchange-traded products on the SIX platform, but also offers the option to trade ETDs via Eurex (see next article). 

Customers can trade the orders electronically on BEKB's own exchange OTC-X - whose extension to digital assets SME|X MACD has also supported - as well as on the SIX Swiss Exchange, BX Swiss and other markets. 

The MACD Broker programme offers several advantages, e.g.

  • The broker pays part of the annual fees.
  • Smaller changes on the part of the broker are implemented by MACD at no additional cost.

You can find out which brokers are participating in the programme here:

New asset class: Exchange-traded derivatives (ETD)

Berner Kantonalbank AG (BEKB) has been a participant in Eurex since its foundation and has been trading directly on Eurex with the MACD Order Management System GLOX for almost ten years. The many years of joint experience and the know-how gained in the electronic trading of exchange traded funds is the ideal basis to offer trading of ETDs to MACD customers for the first time. 

Tomas Fort, Stream Lead Customer Relationship: 'Routing ETDs is an important goal for MACD and increasingly a need for our clients. We are therefore very pleased to have been able to implement this project with Berner Kantonalbank AG, our long-standing client.'

Do you have questions or are you interested in this topic? Get in touch with our Sales & Account Management Team:


Interest in digital assets on the rise

Interest in trading digitalised products (e.g. tokens) and cryptocurrencies has risen significantly. MACD takes this development into account - for several months now, our experts have been analysing possible scenarios for routing digital assets as well as cryptocurrencies and holding detailed meetings with different customers and partners. 

Tomas Fort, Stream Lead Customer Relationship:  'We are very confident that we will be able to announce cooperation with a first broker in the near future and thus offer our clients trading in another asset class with tailored, integrated solutions.'

Do you have any questions or interest in this topic? Get in touch with our Sales & Account Management Team:


Behind The Scenes

Freedom and responsibility - the values MACD stands for

Especially in today's age of predominantly virtual cooperation, orientation in the form of a company mission statement is helpful not only for the staff but also for (potential) customers. After all, the company philosophy and the values lived by the employees in their daily work are decisive for a trustful, successful cooperation.

Here we have summarized our key working principles and explain why and how we developed the MACD Philosophy:



Will we return to the offices?

The Covid-19 pandemic still has us firmly in its grip and yet we asked ourselves whether, after two years of remote work, it might not be time to return to face-to-face work.

In this interview, George Macdonald, CEO MACD looks back at the home office time so far and answers the question if and how the MACD team will return to the offices:


MACD strengthens team

In 2021, we were able to recruit several new members for our technical teams. Andres Wernli, who we have known for years because we have worked together on many projects, joined the technical account management team in December. Welcome Andres!

Click here for our job advertisements:


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