MACD & OARIS Newsletter

November 2017

16 Participants of SIX Swiss Exchange have been migrated to SMR 7

Our trading systems  XKYTE and GLOX have been adjusted to support changes in the SMR 7 SWXess trading platform of SIX Swiss Exchange, mainly due to regulatory changes. A total of 16 banks connected to SIX Swiss Exchange were migrated. XKYTE and GLOX now support all legal requirements relevant to our customers, including off-exchange functionality such as Nostro Correction, Trade Reversal or Delivery Report. Half a year after the announcement of the merger of MACD and OARIS, this is one of the first projects we have implemented together.

Notenstein La Roche Private Bank AG live with GLOX to Avaloq

Our long-standing customer Notenstein La Roche went successfully live with many new GLOX features in October. Connections to their new host system Avaloq, to SIX Swiss Exchange, to two new brokers and to Bloomberg (EMSX & TSOX) were implemented by MACD.

Bloomberg MAP Interface for EMSX and TSOX live with two Customers

Bloomberg consolidates the interfaces Bloomberg Equities (EMSX) and Bloomberg Fixed Income (TSOX) to a common interface Bloomberg MAP (Multi Asset Protocol). GLOX has been updated to additionally support Bloomberg MAP. The consolidated interface is already in production for two customers. In future, new sessions to Bloomberg will always based on Bloomberg MAP. There is no final date to migrate the existing connections.

Sweep Order SwissAtMid as Default Destination for SIX Swiss Exchange

In order to take advantage of the price improvement of SwissAtMid, GLOX has been enhanced so that customer orders to SIX can be set automatically using Sweep SwissAtMid. Sweep orders are processed by SIX in such a way that, if liquidity is available, they are traded in the Dark Book SwissAtMid; if there is no liquidity, they are automatically placed in the lit order book without any delay. Routing in GLOX covers the workflow of orders placed via FIX via the core banking system as well as orders manually entered in the GLOX Trading Client.

SWIFT ISO20022 successfully implemented

MACD launched SWIFT ISO20022 in November. ISO 20022 is a global and open standard for the methodology for creating financial messaging standards. First released in 2004, ISO 20022 is the standard of the future and flexible enough to work with the latest technology.

'GLOX Conference' renamed to 'MACD Conference'

Since about 10 years we have invited customers and partners to the 'GLOX Conference'. In the past, information about GLOX was the focus of the conference. For a few years, we've expanded the focus to MACD topics and presentations and panels to include external speakers on financial IT topics of interest for the entire MACD network. We would like to take this into account and change the name to 'MACD Conference' from 2018. Please make a note of the date for 2018:

  • MACD Conference in the HWZ Zurich
  • on Thursday, June 14, 2018

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