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FIX Add-In for Microsoft Excel

Our product XLFIX is a FIX Add-In for Microsoft Excel and allows you to easily integrate your Excel spreadsheets with FIX. It is used by market makers and many exchanges worldwide.

The software can be used for example as a comprehensive but lightweight generic FIX tool, as a pricing interface for our trading system GLOX (XLFIX Trader), tailored to meet more specific business functions or as a test tool.

The latest version XLFIX 4 introduces multi-session support, together with a new, more user friendly session management interface that allows you to control all sessions from a single window. It also introduces scripting via VBA, so that you can now automate the sending of FIX messages.

XLFIX can be installed and configured within a few minutes. It is delivered as an Add-In for Microsoft Excel, providing Excel with the ability to connect directly to a FIX engine. The XLFIX User Guide provides an introduction to the functionality of XLFIX and it's uses. The document covers the use of the Session Manager, Data Dictionary Editor, and explains how to send and receive messages.

If you would like to evaluate XLFIX, please contact us via info@macd.com for an Activation Key and the User Guide.

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MACD provides comprehensive training for FIX: FIX Training

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