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MACD Newsletter | September 2022
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Dear customers, partners and interested parties, 

Autumn is here and some uncomfortable topics await us - not only weather-wise - such as the energy and climate crisis, which we still have to focus on.

You will therefore find in this newsletter, in addition to the review and contributions on product development, information on power security and sustainability at MACD.

Especially now, it is important to strengthen social cooperation. Read two short interviews on the team and golf event with George Macdonald, CEO MACD, whom we asked, for example, how team cohesion is strengthened at MACD and what fascinates him about golf. 

For our clients interested in the new MACD service 'Trading with Digital Currencies', the info event of InCore Bank taking place in November might be interesting.

Autumn also has its golden days - in this spirit we wish you a good time. Stay healthy!

Your MACD Newsletter Team

Invitation to the topic special "Digital Asset Banking" with InCore Bank

In spring 2022, MACD and InCore Bank announced their collaboration regarding the trading of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. The joint solution enables all MACD customers to trade and custody crypto assets in an automated manner – seamlessly and without integration efforts through existing interfaces to their core banking systems. In addition, InCore Bank participates in the MACD Broker Programme, which brings additional benefits to MACD customers.

As the first traditional Swiss business-to-business transaction bank with banking and securities firm license, InCore Bank launched easy and secure access to digital assets for financial services providers and intermediaries worldwide in 2020. InCore Bank is continuously expanding its product offering and accompanying resources.

Pirro Morandi, Head Client Relationship & Sales InCore Bank: "InCore Bank bridges the financial worlds and offers B2B services in the area of both traditional and digital assets. Based on this forward-looking concept, we can offer tailor-made and secure solutions together with our long-standing partner MACD."

Celebrating the successful strategic realignment, InCore Bank invites you to a topic-specific event around Digital Asset Banking. The event will take place on 17th of November 2022 at the new Swiss Life Arena in Zurich. You can look forward to an afternoon of exciting inputs and workshops, followed by an exclusive guided stadium tour through the Swiss Life Arena followed by an aperitif riche. Places are limited and are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. The event will be held in German.

Electricity outage safety at MACD

Due to the current energy crisis we recently informed all customers about how we can ensure the continuation of MACD services in the event of a power cut. Even in the event of a prolonged power failure, we can maintain power supply for up to 3 months. 

After that, the same urgency for fuel supply applies to our data centres in Switzerland as for the Swiss military. Our support staff are based in two different locations (Switzerland and Germany), so that there is a high degree of fail-safety as well. 

Foreign Exchange Trading with MAX

The MACD Team works intensively on the development of MAX FX Trading, a functionality of our Order Management System MAX. The tool is intended to provide FX traders with efficient access to all types of foreign exchange trades and trading currencies, as well as active monitoring and placement of FX trades. Some of the functionality is already available. Learn more here:

MAX FX Trading

Algo Trading Strategies certified

With MAX, traders can trade algo orders via our broker Vontobel, among others. Between MACD and Vontobel the following strategies are successfully certified:


With only one technical interface, MACD enables customers to trade all asset classes. MAX Order Routing, supported by the integrated rule engine, routes the orders to the right broker. Depending on the broker, special order types and algorithms are supported.

MAX Broker Connect

MACD Conference 2022

After a three-year break, our big MACD Networking Event finally took place again in Zurich on the 9th of June 2022. Over 80 participants from more than 30 financial institutions met for personal exchanges and gained interesting insights into current topics in the world of finance.

Chief Economist Marcel Koller from the Aargauische Kantonalbank forecast future developments in the economy and financial markets. Other experts from the MACD community discussed the advancing digitalisation of the fund markets on the panel.

In our blog you will find a detailed follow-up report, the presentations as well as photos from the conference:

Read Blog

Behind the Scenes

MACD customer honoured as best market maker

In April 2022, the annual "Swiss Derivative Awards" were presented and some of our customers and partners received the "Oscar for Structured Products" for their outstanding products and services. We are particularly pleased that Luzerner Kantonalbank (LUKB) was named "Best Market Maker" in the area of investment products, as the bank uses MACD software to quote on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Claudio Topatigh, Head of Competence Centre Structured Products, Luzerner Kantonalbank AG says: 'With MACD, we have a software provider at our side that provides us with excellent support in our market making activities, using state-of-the-art technology.' 

Swiss Derivative Awards

MACD Community Event: Golf Tournament

On the 1st of September, our first MACD Golf Event took place in Nuolen. In the beautiful setting of the Golfpark Zürichsee,  George Macdonald (CEO), Kurt Meister (COO) and Lucas Fowler (Head of Software Engineering) swung their golf clubs together with some of our customers and partners from the MACD community. Afterwards, all participants rounded off the evening with an aperitif.

Interview with George Macdonald, CEO MACD

What fascinates you about golf?'I'm fascinated by the technique - a small movement or thought makes a big impact. I always try to find the 'right' movement and the 'right' thought. Plus, you can play with friends without having the exact same level.'

Has golf also influenced you professionally as a manager?'It gives a good balance to the daily work and helps to relieve stress. But I wouldn't say it has made me a different manager. One sport that has influenced me is football. It's a team sport where you need different personalities - together you are stronger as a team than alone. A successful team does not need 10 strikers - the optimal combination is important. In recent years, the term 'diverse teams' has come into vogue: I recognised that early on and that's what made MACD strong.'

Why is golf a suitable event for clients and partners?'It is a good opportunity to get to know clients in an informal atmosphere. In addition, the exchange can also take place among clients and partners - we see MACD as a network, both electronic and human. But we also regularly organise other informal events to strengthen the MACD community.'

MACD Team Event in Frankfurt

On the weekend from the 3rd to the 4th of September, the MACD team event took place again after a gap of more than three years. Our two teams from Urdorf, Switzerland and Aachen, Germany spent a weekend together in the German financial metropolis of Frankfurt. Among other things, we discovered the city on a Foxtrail and made extensive use of the opportunity to finally exchange ideas in person again.

Interview with George Macdonald, CEO MACD

Why is it important to you that all employees also meet in person and in an informal setting? 'An important factor in our work is the teamwork with colleagues. MACD is a great team, separated by many kilometres. For cohesion Meeting up is very beneficial, especially after such a long period where travel was difficult. Additionally, we wanted to organise a fun event which people would enjoy.'

What else does MACD do for team spirit and a good working atmosphere? 'For us, it is important that people feel happy and stimulated at work. This isn't achieved by single gestures - it is the day to day things that make the difference; is the work interesting? Is my work respected and appreciated? Do I have a pleasant relationship with my work colleagues? MACD can influence this to some extent by leading by example, but the whole team plays a part in making MACD a good place to work. MACD always tries to create the basis so that the above points are possible.'

Alternation of Attendance & Home Office Days

Due to the Corona situation, there was no obligation to work in the MACD offices since March 2020 and most of the work was done from the home office. However, everyone was free to come to the offices. Since many wanted the regular presence days and to improve informal communication, everyone has recently started spending at least 4 days per month in the office again. The exact structure and days are decided according to the team.

In addition, the Urdorf office was rebuilt and equipped with new desks and screens to enable flexible working and an uncomplicated change between office and home office days.

Read more about the background of the home office regulation in the blog:

Read Blog

Our long-term Goal: Sustainability

Since 2020, MACD has been offsetting the CO2 consumption via South Pole. This year we invested in the following areas: Musi River Hydro in Indonesia and Bhadla Solar in India. In addition to carbon offsetting, these projects also benefit local communities by working towards restoring natural habitat or providing educational activities.

At our Aachen (Germany) site, we have also installed a more efficient heating system in the office and are also looking into the possibility of installing a solar system on the roof. We also lower the temperature in the office to 19 degrees during the day. The issue of sustainability has always been important to MACD - in 2021 we also anchored it in our corporate mission statement.

MACD Philosophy

Reinforcement MACD Team

In the last six months, MACD has welcomed four new employees in the areas of Software Engineering, Technical Account Management and Marketing & Communications. Welcome on Board! We are already looking forward to welcoming the new colleague who will strengthen the Sales & Account Management Team from 1 November 2022.

Are you also interested in working on innovative solutions in a motivated team? Click here for our job offers: