XKYTE Trading System

Module-based and Flexible

XKYTE is a cost-efficient order management and trading system for electronic securities trading. The system is modular, flexible and scalable. FIX Standard and SWIFT ISO 20022 are fully implemented, enabling fast and easy connection to many destinations worldwide.

From the wide range of features available, you can create a tailored but nevertheless standardised product configuration for the trading and execution desk, for brokerage, funds, and for fixed income trading. From simple and intelligent order routing to a complete trading system - XKYTE adapts to your needs.

Thanks to parameterisable interfaces, XKYTE can go into production in a short space of time. If the client does not have FIX or SWIFT knowledge available, we can help using our many years of experience.

XKYTE Destinations

  • Berenberg
  • Bloomberg (EMSX, EMSxNet, TSOX, MAP)
  • Clearstream
  • Credit Suisse
  • Fundsettle
  • SIX Swiss Exchange
  • UBS
  • Vontobel
  • XETRA 
  • Zürcher Kantonalbank

XKYTE Interfaces

  • FIX
  • GEOS
  • IBM MQ Series

Choose your XKYTE Products

Helps establish FIX network connections directly to brokers, market participants and Sell-Side clients through the standardised FIX protocol versions, quick, reliable and simple. The long complicated and ultimately expensive Interface reprogramming belongs now to the past.

XKYTE FIXBOX allows the setup of various FIX connections and supports all FIX protocol versions. Each Buy/Sell Side connection is parameterised based on the needs of the individual client/broker connection. The XKYTE FIXBOX can understand not only your direct counterparty but also enables communication through various FIX networks with an unlimited number of brokers, market participants and clients. Fully automatic routing/trading can be achieved through the XKYTE FIXBOX routing solution which also helps save costs.

Higher levels of automation and cost savings can be achieved through the XKYTE FIXBOX routing solution. A default parameterisation is included in the XKYTE FIXBOX release. A functional catalog of configuration parameters is delivered with the installation. Message content can be read and actions such as mapping different fields can be easily performed.

The parameterisation and the activation of the changes is performed with a GUI-Frontend. No programming is needed in order to make changes to the initial setup. In this way each client can map individual fields or change the message flows in a quick and efficient manner. For clients with sophisticated and complex requirements a tailored scripting language can also be integrated.

XKYTE Order Management delivers the best execution management solution for a range of financial instruments; shares, bonds, funds and derivatives. Our product is a modular Order Management System which is used by small private banks, boutique investment banks, family offices up to large global financial institutions.

Our clients can choose from a large range of available functionalities and create their own standardised product setup. The client setup can include both simple and sophisticated order routing rules. For example, by using the Rules Engine the client can set up and activate trading rules for business object flows like orders, placements, replaces, cancels and trades as well as straight-through processing (STP) orders.

XKYTE Trading is the electronic trading platform which offers a reliable, stable, high performance, and optimised execution workflow. XKYTE Trading is customised for sales trading, execution desk, brokerage teams and funds/options trading.

XKYTE Trading order routing/execution trading is performed using the FIX/SWIFT Protocols and can be set-up directly as a one-to-one connection to a broker/exchange. In addition different price feeds such as SIX Swiss Exchange, Reuters or Bloomberg can be easily integrated.

XKYTE Funds Trading module allows the placing and trading of individual Investment funds orders. The logic of this module offers complete automatic processing (STP). Using rules, the placing and trading can be partly or fully automated.

Pooling and monitoring of the cut-off times is done through XKYTE, which helps the user and simplifies the complex processing of investment fund orders. In addition this trading module offers full processing of switches, splitting of pool orders, monitoring of trading prices based on the reference price and other special investment fund workflows.

The XKYTE Funds Trading module, uses FIX/SWIFT protocols as standard for placing orders. This module also offers the placement of orders through FAX or manually. Upon client request connections to other interfaces can be also implemented.

  • The flexible and straightforward implementation of projects, as well as the customer focus in the ongoing development of XKYTE, is what makes MACD a partner that I have been able to count on for more than 10 years.

    Christof Albrecht, Head of Trading, Reichmuth & Co Privatbankiers