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New MACD product: Beta Tester for intelligent, informative financial network wanted!

Shortly we will start the beta test for a brand new tool for digitising communication within the financial markets. Test our prototype starting from March 2019 and make the product better! In the blog post you can find out more: 


Merry Christmas

We wish our customers, partners and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

MACD Season's Greetings 2018


Schroders Zurich live with Bloomberg EMSX

Our customer Schroders in Zurich went live with Bloomberg EMSX over our trading system XKYTE. This additional routing destination enables Schroders to route equity orders to the Bloomberg network where a wide range of brokers are available.

More XYTE Services we explain here XKYTE.


MACD Newsletter | November 2018

We inform about the following topics:

- Dreyfus live with GLOX Bloomberg Send
- Market Making for Helvetische Bank
- BLKB live with SwissAtMid Functionality
- Schroders London uses XKYTE FIXBOX
- GLOX News
- New: MACD Routing Service live
- MACD Customer Workshop "FX Trading"
- New Rubric: Behind the Scenes


MACD Customer Luzerner Kantonalbank now with Structured Products

Our customer Luzerner Kantonalbank AG starts the emission of structured products. MACD acts as a software partner for the Market Making for this segment.

Media Release LUKB

LUKB steigt in «Struki»-Markt ein


New Job Offer: Scrum Master / Agile Facilitator

For our location in Aachen, Germany, we are looking for an experienced communicator who, as a Scrum Master / Agile Facilitator, supports our teams in the implementation of our agile processes.

Job Offer: Scrum Master / Agile Facilitator


MACD Conference 2018 - Presentations

Over 90 people from more than 35 financial institutions attended the MACD Conference on 14th of June, 2018 in Zurich. We would like to thank Rudolf Bär and Reto C. Padrutt for their exciting lectures and our panelists Roland Schneiter, J.J. Walti and George Macdonald for their open views on future developments in the trading business.

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Schroders London uses XKYTE FIXBOX

UK-based Schroders Wealth Management (US) has been using the XKYTE FIXBOX to automatically route securities orders from the banking system to various brokers since end of May. Thus, a second group member of Schroders already relies on our product XKYTE. With Schroders, another well-known customer in the UK uses MACD products.