MACD Management

Achieving Goals Together

George Macdonald, CEO

George Macdonald, has been working in financial markets for over 25 years. From 1996 to 2004, he worked as an IT consultant for the SIX Swiss Exchange in the "Electronic Exchange Switzerland" project and supported participating banks in the migration from ring trading to a fully electronic platform. In 2000 he founded Macdonald Associates GmbH (MACD) in Aachen, Germany, to develop high-quality software solutions for securities trading. Since then, he has been responsible for the continuous development of the company and the expansion of the systems in close cooperation with more than 35 customers. George is passionate about the ongoing evolution of digitalisation in financial markets and has been involved as Director of the FIX Trading Community since May 2017.

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Kurt Meister, COO

Kurt Meister has been working in the financial industry for almost 30 years. From 1994-2017 he led the business of the software company OARIS and led the development of software for Swiss Post, Cantonal and Private Banks, e.g. the first order routing system (ORS) for connection to EBS (today SIX Swiss Exchange). In addition to project management activities and operational responsibility for trading environments in various banks, he was responsible for the development of the trading system XKYTE.


Lucas Fowler, Director

Lucas Fowler worked on various IT consulting projects in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland - mainly in the banking sector - for more than 10 years, before building up the MACD development department in Aachen in 2001. He developed the trading system GLOX together with George Macdonald. Since then, he advises the large number of Swiss customers on site.

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Tomas Fort, Sales & Account Management

Tomas Fort worked for the SIX Swiss Exchange in the Member Services division for 10 years and led the team for three years. He assisted Swiss Exchange members and securities traders in the areas of functional support, regulatory advice and the value chain (trading, clearing, settlement). Tomas Fort has been working for MACD since 2010 and leads the Business Development Department with Marketing & Communication Department and Sales & Account Management.

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Dennis Pannhausen, Software Engineering

After successfully completing his degree in computer science at the RWTH Aachen University in 2009, Dennis Pannhausen started as a software developer at MACD. As Development Lead, he introduced the Scrum methodology and works together with the entire team on improving our software products.


Raphael M. Grochtmann, HR & Operations

Raphael M. Grochtmann worked as a software engineer and later as a project manager and team leader at IBM in Germany, developing financial systems with focus of internet based trading systems. He led the competence centres Internet/Java and UNIX, and introduced modern software development methodologies such as XP and Agile Development. In 2000 he joined MACD and built up the teams for software development and system support in Aachen, Germany. Now he is responsible for Operations and Human Resources.